The Plague has hit!

I swear we have the plague in our house.  Tony was sick for Christmas, Doodle had it for New Year’s Eve, and now it’s my turn.  And little man, I’m not sure what’s up with him.  He coughs, he sneezes, then he puked all over me last night.  Needless to say, I’m having a great day! How about you?  I’m anxiously awaiting an order from Young Living, hoping it arrives before I transition to bronchitis, which seems to be inevitable lately.  Every time I get the sniffles, I end up with steriods and a new inhaler.  Last time I was sent home with a nebulizer!  I ordered each of the oil blends that is supposed to help with cough, cold and other upper respiratory nastiness.  Can’t wait to see how they work. Really would like to feel better by tomorrow night, Papa is all set to be our babysitter, so we can celebrate a good friend’s 40th birthday.  And Tony’s 35th.  Man, I feel old 🙂


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