Doing it Alone Again

Yesterday morning, I got a text that said, I think I have to go to Canada today.  And the flight out was at 445p!  So with a couple hours notice, I’m solo parenting again, probably until Thanksgiving.  He said he would be back for the holiday.  I was not prepared for this, I have my […]

Day Off

Another day off because I work Saturday, again. Boo to that! But we’re planning a great lunch with grandma, grilled cheese and fresh soup. There’s no better place to be than right here, snuggled up with Doodle while Little man climbs on everything in sight! They are so different, it’s so fascinating to watch how […]


Why do we all have to get sick at the same time? Home sick with sick kiddos, too. Lots of good food is the plan- homemade green bean casserole and chili. Just because we’re sick doesn’t mean we don’t eat well. Good food will make this bad week better. Won’t even be interviewed for that […]

Dolphin baby

Has anyone else noticed that a crying child starts to sound a lot like a dolphin?  Little Man was so overtired last night after a day with his Noni.  Cranky time started in the  middle of dinner and didn’t end until he fell asleep.  But the crying!  He really did sound more like a dolphin […]

Time to be Brave

I’ve been wanting a change since Little Man joined us, returning to work after having him was harder than the first time around.  I think it was because I was leaving both of them behind this time, not just one.  Doodle hit huge developmental milestones during my leave, and leaving her the second time around […]

Back to Real Life

Which means no sleep for mom!   Over the weekend, Tony and I went to a wine tasting, and the mini’s had a sleep over with Grandma and Grandpa.  Doodle is a great sleeper, she was excited for it.  Little Man has only tried it once before, and it did not go well.  This time, […]