Am I there yet?

I constantly feel like I’m waiting for something. Waiting for my house to sell. Waiting to get to move out of MIL’s house. Waiting for my work day to end so I can get home to my babies. Waiting to be settled in a new house and get on with our life. Waiting to find […]

Monday again

We had such a fun weekend, Little Man turned 2 yesterday. Already! I don’t have babies anymore, they are so grown up. He sings songs, he knows his ABC’s, sort of 🙂 He’s becoming very independent. And then Festa all day yesterday, playing in the sun and the splash pad, eating everything in sight! And […]

What next?

Luckily, my bad day yesterday slowly improved. Not a perfect day, but ended on a better note than it began. But, I noticed Little Man’s ear was kinda gross after I picked them up at daycare. The last time it looked like that he had ruptured an ear drum because of an ear infection I […]

Is it over yet?

Today just may be the worst day of the summer so far. The minis did not sleep last night, so unusual for them these days. After being at a training class last night, nothing was where it belonged this morning, because I wasn’t there to keep track of it all. My only sports related shirt […]