Where have I been?  Just getting settled in the house I waited all year to find.  And within days, it felt like home.  Unfortunately, the other half had to leave for a work trip immediately after moving all our stuff in.  It was chaos, close on Friday, move everything on Saturday, unpack like crazy people […]

10 More Days

10 more days til I have my own house again.  I hate using the word literally, but literally, I can’t wait.  T keeps telling me all I do lately is complain.  Well, I think he’s right.  The waiting to be in my own space again is killing me.  I can’t wait to get away from […]

Let it Go!

We want the song in your phone! Sing it, sing it! NO, MOMMY ALL THE WORDS!! Not just the ones you know, all of them!! Cuz everyone knows all the words to Let it Go when you have a 3 year old daughter in the house. Shouldn’t she know all the words better than I […]


I feel very negative these days, so much is going on that is out of my control and I don’t deal well with that. But I need to figure out how to channel that into something productive instead of just getting bummed out. I just read the latest post on lusaorganics.typepad.com, and I feel inspired […]

Am I there yet?

I constantly feel like I’m waiting for something. Waiting for my house to sell. Waiting to get to move out of MIL’s house. Waiting for my work day to end so I can get home to my babies. Waiting to be settled in a new house and get on with our life. Waiting to find […]

Monday again

We had such a fun weekend, Little Man turned 2 yesterday. Already! I don’t have babies anymore, they are so grown up. He sings songs, he knows his ABC’s, sort of 🙂 He’s becoming very independent. And then Festa all day yesterday, playing in the sun and the splash pad, eating everything in sight! And […]

What next?

Luckily, my bad day yesterday slowly improved. Not a perfect day, but ended on a better note than it began. But, I noticed Little Man’s ear was kinda gross after I picked them up at daycare. The last time it looked like that he had ruptured an ear drum because of an ear infection I […]

Is it over yet?

Today just may be the worst day of the summer so far. The minis did not sleep last night, so unusual for them these days. After being at a training class last night, nothing was where it belonged this morning, because I wasn’t there to keep track of it all. My only sports related shirt […]