It’s been a while!  I’ve felt stuck, which makes it hard to get the words out!  Stuck in bed, squished and squashed under the two cutest little minis ever.  And the dog, of course.  Stuck getting up and going to work, a necessary evil right now.  Stuck in someone else’s house, just waiting and waiting for someone else to fall in love with my house the way I did, and want to live there and make it their home now.  Which is seeming less and less likely.  Waiting for another text from the other half, telling me he’s off to Canada again, see you tomorrow, maybe.  Maybe stuck isn’t the word I need, I think it’s waiting.  Waiting to be able to move the minis into their own rooms, their own beds.  Waiting to fall in love with my next home, and start to make it my own.  I feel like I have no control over any of this, and most of it, I don’t.  I’m not good at that.  I’m working on teaching a 3 year old how to be a little patient, I think we have to learn together.  At least while I wait, I can watch these two little beauties as they explore everything around them 🙂




Why don’t things happen at a pace that makes sense?  First, we moved out.  Then a new sitter for the kids.  Now, a new job for me, which means another new sitter for the kids.  Assuming I can find one!  And hopefully, an offer on our house any day now.  The munchkins are not doing well with all this change, and I’m not sure I am either.  I need my own space, my own bathroom, and maybe most importantly, my own kitchen back.  I am not happy, and it’s not going to get any better until we back in our own space.  Soon!  The new job was the first step in the right direction, a sign that bigger and better is on it’s way!


Well, it’s official, I live with my mother in law.  And I almost had to do it with a full bed.  T told me it was a queen.  It’s only 6 inches smaller than our bed, he said.  After Doodle slid right off in the middle of the night, I couldn’t stop laughing.  It’s only 6 inches!  He says I’m worse than the kids.  I might be. 

I just went back to our house to get a few things that I had forgotten.  Some of it I can’t find.  Some of it I forgot again.  I was sidetracked by what my house now looks like.  Clean.  Empty.  Like my family never lived there, wasn’t made there.  We’ve been gone less than 48 hours, but it’s like our whole 9 years there was already erased.  It was the first place we moved into together.  T proposed to me in the living room.  We brought our dogs home to that house from the Humane Society.  We came back to that house after our wedding.  It’s where we decided to have babies and brought them home to.  And less than 48 hours later, with some our stuff still there, it’s not ours anymore.  And that makes me very sad.  I know someone else will live there and make it their own, but that shouldn’t happen while we still own it.  It’s still mine, but I feel like I’ve been erased.     

A new house with new memories in my future, I just hope it comes fast.  I feel displaced.  It’s not a good feeling.  Trying to think of a good tattoo idea to reflect everything that happened there.  Got any ideas?

Let it Snow, Let it Snow, Let it Snow

2-4.  No, wait.  3-4.  No, now 4-7.  OK, now we’ve finally got it!  6-8 inches of snow today.  Holy sh**!  At least T is in town, a well timed stomach flu kept him from Canada last week.  What a crazy winter we’ve had, and another dumping of snow is not going to help us on our moving out adventure.  No one will buy our house if it’s still covered under 3 feet of snow!

But, me and the kids will have a fun ride home after work today, that’s for sure.  And maybe we’ll break out the snow pants while daddy shovels and have some fun with the doggie.  That should make for a great end to the day.  I love watching them have fun and explore new things.  Like an 8 foot snow pile 🙂

I’ve also finally been called for an interview for a position I applied for back in December.  Out of the blue and unexpected, and it didn’t come from our HR department, which is unusual these days.  I got an email directly from the hiring manager.  Fingers crossed, amethyst to help with anxiety ready to go.  Positive attitude:  GO!

Stressed Out

It’s been a rough few days, T was travelling, the kids were a little extra crazy because of it, and I think I’m getting sick.  Work gets in the way of getting anything done, since I don’t feel like I’m very useful these days.  I just wish I would hear back about something else soon!

On a happier note, I’m really enjoying reading about oils and all the different uses and things that can be treated without resorting to OTC medications.  I still know there is a place for modern medicine, but it’s not the right way to treat everything.  I know I’m really going to enjoy introducing others to the world of essential oils!

Will it ever be warm again?!

-5, with a wind chill of around -25 currently.  That’s too cold!  Luckily, my mini’s have some rockin’ grandparents who hosted a sleepover last night so that I wouldn’t have to take them out in the early am cold.  And cold it was, the car thermometer read -9 when I got in.  But it was so strange to have an empty house, T’s in Canada agaIn, so I’m solo this week and probably next.  So we are eating all kinds of good food while he’s out, from scratch green bean casserole, chicken and dumplings, homemade soups.  Yum-O!  I can’t wait to get home and make dinner tonight, I am hungry already thinking about it!

Everything all at once!

Why does it always happen that way?  I know the saying goes you’ll never be given more than you can handle, but I’d really just like to handle one thing at a time.  The mini’s have an as yet unidentified rash, cultures were sent off yesterday, and they have been started on antibiotics while we wait to see what grows.  Yuck!  But finally, a solution other than more steroid creams.  Hopefully this time it works.

And then, the stupid fridge.  Really, house?  Not even 6 weeks before our planned move out and list the place date, the fridge dies?  And thankfully, Tony’s Canada trip got pushed back a week, or it would have died while he was out of town!  Of course I’m capable of buying a new fridge alone, but I don’t want to.  And who would have ever thought I’d be grateful it’s only 5 degrees outside, so that all our food didn’t have to go in the garbage.  A big cooler and pretty much everything was saved, except the ice cream 🙂

Life gave us the finger yesterday, but I think Little Man was much cuter when he did it!

Little Man may have said it best

The Big Birthday Weekend

On her birthday, I can’t help but reflect. A day behind, on Tony’s birthday…. Three years ago, I was drugged, scared, and nothing was going according to plan. Doodle was fighting, to stay in or come out, I’m not really sure. It was Tony’s birthday, and he was convinced it would be hers too. She was stubborn, though, and just didn’t want to share her day. After threat of c-section, however, she finally realized midnight had passed and decided it was time to make her appearance. Drugs, epidural and vacuum later, she was so little and perfect. And I should have known, stubborn. Saturday was the birthday party, Tony, Doodle and Nephew, all right in a row. First was Tony’s day, and luckily he is not in Canada. He’ll leave next Sunday instead. But for Doodle’s day this week, he’ll still be home to kiss and snuggle her. And me, I’ll take the day off work, and be home with kids and love on the beautiful little girl who made me a mother.



I’m so tired! Slowly, I think we’re recovering. The cough will linger, but I think we’re on the right path. Doodle will be 3 on Monday, her joint party is on Saturday. Joint with daddy and cousin, poor baby couldn’t have waited one more week? She just had to come between their days :). And I’ll be solo parenting again next week, actually the next two weeks! At least I’ll be busy, work, Stella and Dot online trunk party, and learning as much about Young Living and selling oils as a business as possible. Oh, and studying for the Series 7 in my free time. I wish I could multiply myself!

Oh, and for anyone interested, my Stella and Dot party link:
Shop away!

The Plague has hit!

I swear we have the plague in our house.  Tony was sick for Christmas, Doodle had it for New Year’s Eve, and now it’s my turn.  And little man, I’m not sure what’s up with him.  He coughs, he sneezes, then he puked all over me last night.  Needless to say, I’m having a great day! How about you?  I’m anxiously awaiting an order from Young Living, hoping it arrives before I transition to bronchitis, which seems to be inevitable lately.  Every time I get the sniffles, I end up with steriods and a new inhaler.  Last time I was sent home with a nebulizer!  I ordered each of the oil blends that is supposed to help with cough, cold and other upper respiratory nastiness.  Can’t wait to see how they work. Really would like to feel better by tomorrow night, Papa is all set to be our babysitter, so we can celebrate a good friend’s 40th birthday.  And Tony’s 35th.  Man, I feel old 🙂