Where have I been?  Just getting settled in the house I waited all year to find.  And within days, it felt like home.  Unfortunately, the other half had to leave for a work trip immediately after moving all our stuff in.  It was chaos, close on Friday, move everything on Saturday, unpack like crazy people on Sunday, and Monday, boom!  Gone for 4 weeks.  And the kids were sick, I was sick.  Chaos!  Seems like that’s what keeps up going these days.  Which is good, since it’s only gotten worse. But having our own space again 🙂  There aren’t words to say how happy I am to have my own space again.  And the kids love having bedrooms with toys to play in.  They even occupy themselves sometimes.  For about 5 minutes.  Now if it would just get nice outside, so we could enjoy all the land we bought.  I’m so over this winter, which brings with it a new cold, sickness, or flu at least once a week.  It’s pretty bad when you consider one week without a trip to the ped’s office a win.  Soon, soon.  And I’ll be spending every second I can researching natural immune boosters in the meantime.

I’ll be back again soon!


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