10 More Days

10 more days til I have my own house again.  I hate using the word literally, but literally, I can’t wait.  T keeps telling me all I do lately is complain.  Well, I think he’s right.  The waiting to be in my own space again is killing me.  I can’t wait to get away from it, and get settled.  I miss my usual sunshine-y self 🙂  At least, that’s how I think I usually am.  We’ll see what happens when I’m back in my own space all alone with the kids.

I got to have my first parent/teacher conference last night.  I had no clue what to expect from a conference about a 3 yr old.  I was a little worried she might tell me that Doodle swears all day!  But no, she had amazing things to say. My kid is smart, showing lots of progress, loves art and helping other kids.  When there’s someone filling in, Doodle is their go to for questions.  Woohoo.  I’m doing something right, and at least it’s for the little people.  Tonight I’m going to take just her out for a little shopping.  Even if it’s only for supplies for my new cranberry recipe for the holiday, she’ll dig the one on one time, and I will too.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!


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