Let it Go!

We want the song in your phone! Sing it, sing it! NO, MOMMY ALL THE WORDS!! Not just the ones you know, all of them!! Cuz everyone knows all the words to Let it Go when you have a 3 year old daughter in the house. Shouldn’t she know all the words better than I do? No, because she’s scared of Elsa’s face. Really? Does my backseat have a mute button? These little cuties who know seem to know all kids of songs that I didn’t teach them have zero desire to sing those songs to me, they want me to serenade them. How does that work? Aren’t they supposed to want to show off all the fun new stuff they learned that day? No, those moments are saved for later and become underwear free, twirling serenades that don’t start until after bedtime. And I love it! Somedays I love those crazy moments that happen after I think bedtime should have, because I missed all the daytime stuff. It’s my extra sneaked in minutes, and although I’m not happy everytime it happens, I need to try harder for those times. They are getting so big so fast. I don’t want to miss any more of it!


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