Monday again

We had such a fun weekend, Little Man turned 2 yesterday. Already! I don’t have babies anymore, they are so grown up. He sings songs, he knows his ABC’s, sort of 🙂 He’s becoming very independent. And then Festa all day yesterday, playing in the sun and the splash pad, eating everything in sight! And then Monday morning had to come. Some mornings are harder than others. I wake up, snuggled on both sides by small, sweaty clingy bodies. Those are my favorites minutes in the day. When it’s just me and my babies, snuggled together, both still asleep. But today, all I wanted was to stay there and hold them. I managed to drag myself out of bed, and get myself ready to leave them. And I hate it. More and more with every day that goes by, I want to be at home with them. I want to hang out all day and sing the itty ‘pider song, play outside, splash in a pool and ride bikes and make lunch and just be there with them. Because they are growing up so fast and I’m missing it. I feel like I’m missing it all.


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