Is it over yet?

Today just may be the worst day of the summer so far. The minis did not sleep last night, so unusual for them these days. After being at a training class last night, nothing was where it belonged this morning, because I wasn’t there to keep track of it all. My only sports related shirt has a hole in it and was required for jeans today. And jeans were necessary after only 3 hours of sleep! I left the house with the wrong shoes on again, because I was distracted by yelling at a poor kid who just wanted her sweatshirt on. We were late, like we are every day, and of course today the car seat straps on Little Man’s seat were stuck in the back. Daycare tells me I owe more for next week than I should. And I’ll have to drive out of my way to have the car seat checked out. Crap to today, I say. I’m looking forward to smiling faces, a long slow walk through Costco tonight, and a beer. Hope your day goes better than mine!


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