It’s been a while!  I’ve felt stuck, which makes it hard to get the words out!  Stuck in bed, squished and squashed under the two cutest little minis ever.  And the dog, of course.  Stuck getting up and going to work, a necessary evil right now.  Stuck in someone else’s house, just waiting and waiting for someone else to fall in love with my house the way I did, and want to live there and make it their home now.  Which is seeming less and less likely.  Waiting for another text from the other half, telling me he’s off to Canada again, see you tomorrow, maybe.  Maybe stuck isn’t the word I need, I think it’s waiting.  Waiting to be able to move the minis into their own rooms, their own beds.  Waiting to fall in love with my next home, and start to make it my own.  I feel like I have no control over any of this, and most of it, I don’t.  I’m not good at that.  I’m working on teaching a 3 year old how to be a little patient, I think we have to learn together.  At least while I wait, I can watch these two little beauties as they explore everything around them 🙂



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