Let it Snow, Let it Snow, Let it Snow

2-4.  No, wait.  3-4.  No, now 4-7.  OK, now we’ve finally got it!  6-8 inches of snow today.  Holy sh**!  At least T is in town, a well timed stomach flu kept him from Canada last week.  What a crazy winter we’ve had, and another dumping of snow is not going to help us on our moving out adventure.  No one will buy our house if it’s still covered under 3 feet of snow!

But, me and the kids will have a fun ride home after work today, that’s for sure.  And maybe we’ll break out the snow pants while daddy shovels and have some fun with the doggie.  That should make for a great end to the day.  I love watching them have fun and explore new things.  Like an 8 foot snow pile 🙂

I’ve also finally been called for an interview for a position I applied for back in December.  Out of the blue and unexpected, and it didn’t come from our HR department, which is unusual these days.  I got an email directly from the hiring manager.  Fingers crossed, amethyst to help with anxiety ready to go.  Positive attitude:  GO!


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