Everything all at once!

Why does it always happen that way?  I know the saying goes you’ll never be given more than you can handle, but I’d really just like to handle one thing at a time.  The mini’s have an as yet unidentified rash, cultures were sent off yesterday, and they have been started on antibiotics while we wait to see what grows.  Yuck!  But finally, a solution other than more steroid creams.  Hopefully this time it works.

And then, the stupid fridge.  Really, house?  Not even 6 weeks before our planned move out and list the place date, the fridge dies?  And thankfully, Tony’s Canada trip got pushed back a week, or it would have died while he was out of town!  Of course I’m capable of buying a new fridge alone, but I don’t want to.  And who would have ever thought I’d be grateful it’s only 5 degrees outside, so that all our food didn’t have to go in the garbage.  A big cooler and pretty much everything was saved, except the ice cream 🙂

Life gave us the finger yesterday, but I think Little Man was much cuter when he did it!

Little Man may have said it best


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