The Big Birthday Weekend

On her birthday, I can’t help but reflect. A day behind, on Tony’s birthday…. Three years ago, I was drugged, scared, and nothing was going according to plan. Doodle was fighting, to stay in or come out, I’m not really sure. It was Tony’s birthday, and he was convinced it would be hers too. She was stubborn, though, and just didn’t want to share her day. After threat of c-section, however, she finally realized midnight had passed and decided it was time to make her appearance. Drugs, epidural and vacuum later, she was so little and perfect. And I should have known, stubborn. Saturday was the birthday party, Tony, Doodle and Nephew, all right in a row. First was Tony’s day, and luckily he is not in Canada. He’ll leave next Sunday instead. But for Doodle’s day this week, he’ll still be home to kiss and snuggle her. And me, I’ll take the day off work, and be home with kids and love on the beautiful little girl who made me a mother.



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