Mommy has to travel!

Tomorrow, I’ll be leaving for work conference, I’ll be gone around 48 hours.  I have only spent two nights away from Vin since he’s been born.  Sarafina has always been a bit more independent than he is, so she has had more overnights with Grandma and Grandpa, and with Noni when Daddy had his kidney stones.  Two nights away from my babies!  I’m not sure I can sleep without being edged out from each side, a dog on top of my legs, and snoring next to me.  Well, the snoring I know I can sleep without, I do it each time he goes out of town!  Everyone else seems to think I’m so worried about coming home to dirty babies, dirty house, and other chaos.  I expect that, that’s what happens when I go to work 🙂  I’m worried about me being so lonely I can’t breathe without my normal life around me, waiting for me at the end of a long day.  How do I deal with that? 


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