Doing it Alone Again

Yesterday morning, I got a text that said, I think I have to go to Canada today.  And the flight out was at 445p!  So with a couple hours notice, I’m solo parenting again, probably until Thanksgiving.  He said he would be back for the holiday.  I was not prepared for this, I have my own work trip coming up that I was going to use this weekend to get ready for.  I feel terrible for the babies, they didn’t even get to say goodbye to their daddy before he left.  I see lots of good food in our weekend, though.  When it’s just us I can cook whatever I like, and not worry about someone not liking it, as these kids eat anything and everything.  I think I’ll make the Guinness French Onion soup again, and make sure I’ve really got it figured out.  It was so good!  I’m ready for dinner, and it’s only 845a.  Steak and asparagus, with french onion soup.  I better not tell Tony that’s what we’re eating while he’s gone 🙂


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