Time to be Brave

I’ve been wanting a change since Little Man joined us, returning to work after having him was harder than the first time around.  I think it was because I was leaving both of them behind this time, not just one.  Doodle hit huge developmental milestones during my leave, and leaving her the second time around was devastating.  I wanted to see them do all the cool stuff littles do.  I came back to chaos that I couldn’t have imagined, even after being told how bad it was.  And I stayed, and I cried.  Day after day, leaving my babies.  And now, I’ve finally found something interesting and applied.  And even reached out for help with who to contact about the position.  If I have to leave these babies every day, I want it to be for something I enjoy, not just to bring home a paycheck.  Wish me luck!


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